The culmination of the season

Posted April 19, 2015

On April, 18 the Ukrainian bandy cup was held in Kharkiv at "Saltivsky Lid" ice rink. Four teams participated in competition - Avangard Budy, Dnipro Dnipropetrovsk, Dynamo Kharkiv and Kharkiv Tigers. Results of the matches:
Avangard - Dynamo 4:11
Dnipro - Tigers 5:0
Dynamo - Tigers 12:7
Avangard - Dnipro 7:6
Avangard - Tigers 7:6
Dynamo - Dnipro 11:3
So, Dynamo is a winner of the cup. Details you can read on our website later.
That day the final match of Kharkiv region championship was held. Dynamo was stronger then Avangard 16:3
On May, 16 the second stage of the Ukrainian championship is planned. It will be in Dnipropetrovsk.

Gratitude from the UBRF

Posted March 9, 2015

Ukrainian Bandy and Rink bandy Federation and Ukrainian youth team sincerely thank to member of the Finnish Bandy Federation Thomas Huber for presented equipment, when Ukrainian team was returning from the Y17 World Championship and was in Tallinn. These sticks, breeches, shirts and other equipment will help to attract new participants from Ukraine to our joint movement of bandy.

Thomas Huber

Local competitions

Posted March 1, 2015

Several regional competitions was held in Kharkiv region.


Interview with the head coach of national team Andrey Markovichenko about the outcomes of the WC Y17

Posted January 31, 2015

What are your impressions of the tournament and playing of the national team?

I am an absolute realist and never fly in the clouds, so I will be frank.
Impressions of playing and the tournament as a whole are good. Happy result, but there are questions about the game.

If you believe the online of the match against Sweden, we had chances to go on a break with a tie score, and in the second half we could make the Swedes nervous. Is this true and what was not enough?

As for the game against the Swedes and the Finns. We were very fortunate that there was snow. So we stripped the Scandinavians for their main advantage - it's speed and technique. We needed not to lose in the tactics and struggle, and not to commit mistakes. In tactics and struggle we did not lose, but we made a lot of mistakes in defense. These mistakes were a consequence of the inability to play through the top and bad skating, and our defenders could not keep up Swedish forwards Swedes on finishing. There were moments when we had 8 our players near the goal, but two Swedish players scored. If we realised a penalty and went to the break with the score 1:1, the Swedes pushed up to the pace and would have the result, as we sat deep in defense and attacks were sporadic. Offensively, we have not created anything because of the snow.

What is the secret of success in the match with Estonia? I honestly do not believe to my eyes when the score changed almost every minute. And after the game, when the result was published, people asked again, if there is an error in the score?

In the match against Estonia our speed was an advantage. Estonia team has strong ice hockey players, but you know yourself, one bandy player can beat some ice hockey players quietly. Estonia broke off because their children can not see anyone far then 5-6 meters, and our players punished them for it. We hoped to it, so it happened.

What our players, coaches and federations must to look for, to the next time the team played better?

It is necessary to recruit Ukrainian ice hockey players of adequate age. If there is a fusion of strong seventeen Ukrainians ice hockey players with a good goalkeeper, the Championship will be faced with major challenges. We can't beat the top three, of course, but with Norway it will be possible to fight on equal terms.
And in the current Ukrainians said to Bogdan #8 (Arabov - Ed.) and Anton, a central defender (Riapolov - Ed.), Golets Volodymyr, Arkadiy Nagoga and Mykhaylo Skalyts`kyy. These guys are able to progress.
And training camp necessarily need before the championship.

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