Ukrainian team brought bronze medals from Ulyanovsk

Since 1st till 14th of February the Bandy World Championship was held in Russian City of Ulyanovsk. The A-group played in the first week, on February 10, competitions of B-group was started. Ukrainian team participated in the B2 group with teams of Japan, Czech Republic, Somalia, China and Mongolia.

On February 10, at 0.10 (local time) with 1.5 hours delay an airplane with ukrainian players landed at the Ulyanovsk airport. Unfortunately, organizators refused to supply ice time for Ukrainian team, so in the morning our guys had "dry" training and tactical training on the open air.

First match of the championship was held against team of Japan on February 10. Ukrainians scored cupple times in the beginning of the match, and after the first half a score was 3:0. In the second half a game was the same, and score was 6:0, but in the end of the match Japan got a penalty shot. They didn't score penalty shot, however they scored after rebound. 6:1, Dmitriy Koval scored for 4 times, Andrey Markovichenko scored for 2 times.

Video of the match -

Second match against team of Czech, the debutant of the World Championships, was held the same day only 2 hours after the previous match finishing. Both halfs had the same script - Ukrainian team played well in the beginning and was tired at the end. The first half was ended with a 5:3 score. In the second half a score was 9:4, but in the end of the game it was 9:7, and we had nervous last minutes. Markovichenko and Koval scored for 3 times, Dmytro Tsymbal scored for 2 times, also Mykhailo Viazovov scored.

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The first match of the second day was against Somalia. Ukrainian team would have one more match that day, so our guys saved the power this match and scored only 8 times - 6 times in the first half and 2 times in the second half. Koval scored for 4 times, Tsymbal - 2 times, also scored Oleksandr Mitlenko and Ievhen Udovichenko.

Video of the match -

In the 4th match Ukrainian team didn't get problems against team of China. 8:1 (5:1), Koval scored for 4 times, Markovichenko - 3 times, Viazovov - 1.

First half of the third day was free for Ukrainian team, and players visited attractions of Ulyanovsk - Lenin's memorial and Civil aviation museum.

In the last robin round match for Ukrainian team, our guys had to not lose with large score to get the first position. Due to rules of the competition in the B-group, Ukrainian team could declare 2 players without Ukrainian passports but with ukrainian blood. Mongolians tried to protest against participation of these players in the Championship and to check nationality of other Ukrainian players. They didn't get positive result behind the scene and continued their hunting for our liders on the ice. In the second half Mongolian player got the red card for doing our captain Andrey Markovichenko an injury. Also whole the match Mongolians played rough and sometimes rude. Fortunately, after the doctor's help Andrey returned to the ice, but he limped after the match. However this tackics had a success for Mongolian team - they won 2:1. Dmitriy Koval scored in Ukrainian team.

Video of the match -

One more intrigue was a disqualification of Estonian team. They had one player, who could not played in that team, he hadn't Estonian passport and proof of his Estonian blood. FIB decided to not deny quarterfinal match Estonia - Ukraine, but Ukraine was declared as 4th team in B1-group, and other B2-group teams were picked up for 1 position. So, in quarterfinal match our team will play against Japan.

4Czech Republic5437-22

Quarterfinal against Japan was more equal then previous match of these teams. In the beginning of the match team of Japan scored. Andrey Markovichenko scored twice from the penalty shots, and Ukrainian team went ahead in the second half. 1.5 minutes to the end of the second half Japanese team scored, and the score was equal. Penalty shots serie of 3 shots have to define the winner. Team of Japan scored only first shot, the Ukrainian goalie Tymur Daas was the winner of the other duels. Ukrainians scored both shots (Markovichenko and Koval) and got the semifinal match.

Video of the match -

In the semifinal match, that was played that day, the team of Germany was our rival - the winner of the B1-group. Germans masterfully began the match and the score was 2:0 after 7 minutes. But Ukrainian team scored an equalizer before the end of the first half, and in the beginning of the second half our team scored and went ahead. German team was better next several minutes. They scored for 3 times, and Germans lider Mikhail Dunaev didn't score his two penalty shots. However Ukrainian team played well in last minutes of the second half. 5:5 and 2x10 minutes of the extra time. There are no goals during the extra time, and Ukrainian team are expecting for the second penalty shot serie per day. Markovichenko and Koval scored and Udovichenko shooted to the goalkeeper. All 3 shots of German team were into the goal. So, 3:2 by penalty shots, and Ukrainian team will play the "bronze" match against Mongolia. During the semifinal match Koval scored for 3 times, Markovichenko - for 2 times.

Video of the match -

In the "bronze" match out guys played against the most uncomfortable rival - the team of Mongolia. Before the match mongolian coaches occupied referee room again and tried rudely to deny participation of our players in the match. It was the first 90 minutes match for both teams. Mongolian players were very good in the first quarter of the match, and the score was 3:0. But Ukrainian players woke up after that and scored twice. 3:2 after the first half. Mongolian team was better in the beginning of the second half too, 5:2 after 70 minutes. However, the score was 5:5 after 80 minutes, and Mongolians didn't score the penalty shot. One more extra time 2x15 minutes with golden goal rule. After 3 minutes of the extra time Ukrainians had success in their attack, and Dmitriy Koval scored a bronze goal for our team. Andrey Markovichenko got a het-trick, also Dmytro Tsymbal, Andrii Kalytka and Dmitriy Koval scored.

Video of the match -

After the final goal a fighting was held, almost all players of both teams participated in the fighting. There are some versions about the fighting reasons, but the conflict situation grew since the first match due to agressiveness of the Mongolian team players and coaches. As a result, Yurii Suzdalev got a concussion of the brain, and Andrii Kalytka's uniform was broken.

Ukrainian team is a bronze medalist of the B-group World Championship. Congratulate our guys - goalkeepers Tymur Daas and Ihor Riznyk; field players Oleksandr Nekipelov, Viktor Shatalov, Valerii Potravnyi, Roman Konoplytskyi, Serhii Akulov, Dmytro Tsymbal, Dmitriy Koval, Yurii Suzdalev, Vitalii Radchenko, Anton Lozovoi, Ievhen Udovichenko, Mykhailo Viazovov, Andrey Markovichenko, Serhii Honcharenko, Andrii Kalytka, Oleksandr Mitlenko; head coach Magnus Alm, assistant Anatolii Iavdokymenko, press officer Hennadii Babenko, UBRF president Serhii Babenko! Dmitriy Koval is the best bombardier and was voted as the best striker. Andrey Markovichenko and Dmitriy Koval were voted to the dream team of the championship.

UBRF thanks to all players and coaches for beautiful playing, our rivals for interesting games, organizators and FIB, everybody, who supported us in Ulyanovsk, Ukraine and other places, to Ukrainian diaspora representatives, to journalists, who wrote about our tournament, to our partners sports nutrition "Power Pro"!

Magnus Alm, head coach of the Ukrainian team

Are you happy with results of the B-group World Championship?

I am happy with the results of course. We was very close to Germany but we are definitely not ready for the A-group yet. Best is your fighting spirit, we never give up and are difficult to win against. On the other side we have to exercise how to pass the ball and build our play with bit patient.

Did you find out something new for you as a coach?

Of course I have learned a lot about the players skill and personalities.

Where do you keep your bronze medal?

In my apartment with other medals and trophies.

Do you want to be an Ukrainian team head coach next year?

Bit early to say for the moment. First of all the Ukrainian Bandy Federation have to make a decision about priorities what they want. Then the players should be asked about their opinion and I also have to ask myself about an eventually continued coach role.

Dmitriy Koval, striker of the Ukrainian team

When did you be in Ukraine last time? Do you want to visit Ukraine in future?

I never be in Ukraine, but I want very much to visit this country.

How can you evaluate the level of the B-group championship?

Teams of B-group have an equal level.

What can you remember or like after the championship?

I remember play off matches against Japan, Germany and Mongolia.

Where do you keep you you best striker award?

At home on the shelf. And I like our team very much!

Tymur Daas, goalkeeper of the Ukrainian team

It was a first championship for you. What impressions do you have after that?

I have only positive impressions. At first, we met high level of organization. We had all that we need. At second, we were a very friendly team, we had nice free time in a hotel and during the trip. At third, all matches were exciting, so many tense and dramatical matches, it increased an interest to the B-group matches. Last match with Mongolians left positive emotions for the whole year. Despite of situation after the match I want to thank them for this game.
I went to the championship with self-confidence and confidence in the team. Initially we went to don't have last position, and as a result we were one of the main medals applicant.

Very low percent of penalty shot scoring to our goals. Even Mikhail Dunaev didn't score two penaty shots in a row. Is it luck, or do you have any secrets?

Before the every penalty shot I tried to dislocate psychologically my rival in a sight duel. If you lost your confidence, it's 80% of your loss. The second moment is my trying to react by shot, not to guess. I had advantage because it's easer to catch the ball then puck. One task for me was to get the ball in that large goal, sometimes I can't do that. Mikhail Dunaev was not successful in his two shots, he didn't force me to reach for the ball. First shot was almost to the center of the goal, I have only lower the hand a little. The second shot was wide the goal. However he vindicate himself in the penalty shots serie, I almost hadn't chances. The shot was strong and accurate.
But luck is a very important thing in a penalty shots.

What did your partners in ice hockey team say when you returned?

My partners, my coach Vadym Radchenko, head of the club congratulated for successful participation. However there are super optimists, who required to catch all penalty shots in the match against Germany. All players were glad and I thank them for support!
Before the match against Mongolia our captain Dmytro Rudenko wrote, that he doesn't want to see me without medal.

Are goals for ice hockey too small for you now?

No, I returned to the ice hockey mode very quickly. I want to add, that game with large goals has advantages, and I felt it during my first training after the championship. I think, it was positive experience.

Guzel Arslanova, Ukrainian team fan from Ulyanovsk

Why did you choose Ukraine? Did you visited Ukraine before?

You are our brothers! Everybody are from the one big family. I can't not be a fan of our relatives. Ukraine was a powerful component of former USSR. Many times I rested in Crimea, I like Kharkiv railway station.

What countries did you liked except Ukraine?

Of course, Russia, they are great, got the cup for whole country! In the match between Finland and Sweden I was a Finland team fan, they won, and Russian fans were happy, they congratulated Finnish players. In the B-group final I supported Hungarian team, German team had not many Germans. I think, national team players must have the same origin.

What impressions do you have after the championship?

Bandy vaccination I have from my father. I visited the first match between Russia and Sweden with him - so much emotions! I like bandy. I have a lot of impressions since opening ceremony till B-group final.

Are you going to support our team next year in Sweden?

I want to support Russian and Ukrainian team in Sweden, I want Russian team to win a cup and Ukrainian team to get an A-group. Unfortunately, I will watch matches in the Internet, and I hope to visited World Championship matches in Ulyanovsk in future. I wish success and new victories for Ukrainian team!


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